Equine Manager Certificate

4 Required Courses:
  • Intro to Equine Mgmt
  • Equine Nutrition
  • Equine Business Mgmt
  • Equine Anatomy & Physiology

Equine Business Certificate

3 Required Courses:
  • Intro to Equine Mgmt
  • Equine Business Mgmt
  • Equine Sales & Marketing

2018 Spring Registration Special

Each online course is $300  $250 (USD). Students have the option of registering a course individually, or as a bundle.

If you enroll in a Certificate Program, you will receive a bundled discount:
Equine Manager Certificate (4 courses): $1,200  $800 USD (discount of $400)
Equine Business Certificate (3 courses):  $900  $600 USD (discount of $300)

Course Description

EQU 101
Introduction to Equine Management – This intro course covers basic topics including breeds, colors and markings. An overview of the current equine industry is given as well as careers in the equine industry.

EQU 102
Equine Anatomy and Physiology – The anatomy and physiology of the horse is introduced emphasizing biomechanics and kinesiology, relationship of joints, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. Circulatory, Respiratory, Excretory and Nervous systems are also discussed.

EQU 103
Equine Nutrition – This course covers equine nutritional requirements, including concentrates, hays, pastures and supplements. Identification of common poisonous plants is included. Topics include the digestive anatomy, common feeds and supplements, nutritional needs in specific situations.

EQU 201
Equine Business Management - This course covers business management practices of the equine industry. An equine business may be farm management, retail or a service-based business specializing in the equine industry.

EQU 202
Equine Sales and Marketing - Sales and marketing skills and principles are crucial in the equine industry, whether it is for horses, products or services. This course will cover the principles of marketing as well as the dynamics of effective sales techniques. Students will learn about effective advertising in print, video and social media.